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At Classic Flooring and Design, we strive to offer an extensive selection of extremely high quality carpets and rugs from some of industry’s leading brands like Karastan Rugs, Couristan, Dupont and many more. We are proud to carry designer rugs and carpeting that both cutting edge and fashion forward. Each designer carpet is made with only the highest quality materials and feature long lasting warranties in order to ensure the product’s quality and durability. Between our two showrooms, there is a large selection of products for our clients to choose from. From exquisite options like Karastan carpet to affordable products options, Classic Flooring is able to meet the needs of a wide variety of customers with our huge assortment of brand name carpeting. We provide carpeting and installation throughout San Diego County and beyond.

Furthermore, Classic Flooring and Design is extremely proud to be recognized as only one of six Karastan dealers in San Diego, California. We greatly value the quality and integrity of such a reputable brand like Karastan carpet and are excited to be able to share such a wonderful product with our customers.


Karastan Rugs – Our Featured Brand

Karastan rugs have been in the forefront of design and innovation in the area rugs industry since 1928. Karastan carpet has been able to move flooring to new directions by creating bold ideas and products. Classic Flooring is one of a handful of Karastan Providers in San Diego. Karastan is the company that invented LusterWash and Tea-Wash techniques that are so admired worldwide for having that genuine, antique look. Karastan has built an incredible reputation for themselves during their long history in this country. The company has a long history dating back to the 1920’s. We have been providing Karastan Rugs throughout San Diego for many years. From the get go, Karastan has been an innovative company. Their first major innovation occurred in 1948 when they introduced the Kara-Loc method of weaving. While initially limited to the product of plain velvet and twist styles, Kara-Loc eventually produced an explosion of fashion innovations, including multi-colored designs, along with cut-and-loop effects at least 15 years ahead of the rest of the industry. The innovative method made possible the production of high-styled, quality carpets at prices affordable to average consumers. They continue to move ahead, as always, with new ideas, fibers, colors and techniques to make homes more elegant, beautiful and personalized. If you are looking for the top Karastan Company in San Diego, you have come to the right place.

Karastan’s Smartstrand Fiber

The company’s innovative nature has never left them. That is why we are a top provider of Karastan Rugs and Carpets of the highest quality in San Diego. They continue to move ahead, as always, with new ideas, fibers, colors and techniques to make homes more elegant, beautiful and personalized. Karastan’s most noteworthy innovation in recent years has been the development of the Smartstrand Fiber. Unlike any Nylon or polyester product, this innovative fiber has Permanent, built-in stain protection that cleans with water and mild detergents, is durable and environmentally sound. Karastan rugs believe we all have a part in making the right choices for our environment. That’s why they created a carpet made in part from crops.

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